The first phase of every efficient manufacturing process. Our new training equipment concepts are created by a team of talented engineers, professional athletes and experienced coaches. End users’ feedback is crucial to our process – our ideas and solutions are often inspired by their opinions and needs.


Our engineers use Autodesk Inventor to create precise models of the equipment, which are then virtually assessed and tested to ensure that our products will endure the most punishing stress levels.


New technological breakthroughs bring new challenges and opportunities, and not only for constructors. Our Design Department is focused on innovation and raising the industry standards. We want our equipment to be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


We use only EU-made materials to maintain the highest quality standards. Intensive cooperation between our Design and Engineering Departments guarantees that all components are not only durable enough to withstand serious abuse, but also eye-catching and tasteful.


All Inhuman Gear products go through several prototyping stages. In some cases this takes months, but we consider it the only way to ensure that our equipment is safe and reliable.


The sign-off procedure is not finalized at the end of prototyping stage. Before putting our products into serial production, we ship them to hand-picked pro athletes and wait for their in-depth feedback. We consider their opinions to be a crucial and valuable asset in shaping our production process.